Is FORMcard food safe?

No, FORMcard is not intended for internal use or for food safe applications.  

Do I need lots of equipment to use FORMcard?

No, all you need is some hot water and something to put it in.  

No, FORMcard does not have an expiry date. You can use it whenever and wherever you need to. 

Does FORMcard have an expiry date?


FORMcards do NOT stick to everything - which makes them ideal for making, clips, hooks, removable covers etc. FORMcard sticks (almost) exclusively to some plastics and will stick to wood if squashed on when really hot. FORMcard will not stick to metal or ceramics. It's a good idea to work on a glass or ceramic plate if worried about a work surface.   

Can FORMcard be painted?

Yes, you can prime FORMcard with standard plastic primers and then work with anything on top. 

Will FORMcard stick to any other materials?

Can FORMcard be mixed to form different colours?

Yes FORMcards can be blended together to create different colours.

Do FORMcard packs come with instructions?

All FORMcard packs come with a full set of instructions.

Can children use FORMcard?

FORMcard is not intended for use by children due to the use of hot water.

Can single FORMcards be joined together to make a larger FORMcard?

You can fuse multiple cards together to make larger sheets, let them cool down and then heat them in a larger dish to mould them together.

Can FORMcard be used in very hot climates?

We would recommend not using FORMcards in situations where things get very hot or are close to boiled water temperatures. 

Are any chemicals released when FORMcard is heated?

FORMcard is made from a bio-degradable polymer which is totally non-toxic - don't forget that while it's non-toxic it's not intended for internal use or for food safe applications. 

How many times can FORMcard be reused?

In theory FORMcard is infinitely reusable however as a starch based bio-plastic it will bio-degrade if placed in soil so this should be avoided.

How long does FORMcard take to harden?

It takes about 2-3 minutes for FORMcard to become completely cool (depending on the thickness of the material and room temperature) however you can easily reheat it in hot water to carry on moulding.

FORMcard is as strong as nylon when formed but still has a slight flex in it so it will never crack.

How strong is FORMcard when it hardens?