Important safety information which should govern your use of FORMcard


We want you to enjoy using FORMcard as much as we do, please follow the safety information below when creating your FORMcard projects:


  • FORMcard requires the use of hot water which can cause burns and scalds if misused.
  • FORMcard gets hot so please exercise care when handling the heated product, if in doubt, let the FORMcard cool down for a short while before use.
  • FORMcards are non-toxic but they are NOT FOR INTERNAL USE or food safe applications.
  • Due to the use of hot water, FORMcards are NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN. Be careful and safe when they are around.
  • Do not heat FORMcard above 200ºF 
  • Do not expose FORMcard to a direct flame.
  • FORMcards are produced from a biodegradable-plastic made entirely from non-styrene based pigments. Messy for us but good for everyone else!
  • CONFORMS to ASTM D-4236


If you are in any doubt about how best to use FORMcard or you would like some advice about a project you are doing please get in touch: